Sunday, August 14, 2011

Goodbye Summer

I can not believe I have to work tomorrow. I can't believe that some people actually work in the summer...every year. I would die. Summers and me are BFF!! This summer has been crazy. We have officially been kitchen-less all. Summer. Long. Miserable. But the end results have been fabulous so far. Hopefully it will all be done within the next few weeks!!

So here's to a happy and healthy school year for my students. We are really pushing exercise and health on their own time this year. Lord knows we can't do it ALL for them! I hope they respond :)

And have I mentioned how much I am going to miss my kiddos...and our old Nanny, Becky?? She came over and swam with us today and it just reminded me of how much my kiddos LOVE her and miss her so much!! But we are thrilled for her new endeavors!!!! The kiddos are at such a fun age right now. I adjust thankful that I can pop home during lunch when i really need a fix!! I pop in for some cuddle and smooch time. Love working 5 minutes from home.

So much to do. It will be so strange not being home for all of the last minute details on the house. Guess I will have to trust hubby to get it done...and FAST!!!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Laundry and Bedroom :)


Here are the most recent pictures of the house.  We have just painted the laundry room and moved the furniture enjoy :)
 Here is our PINK laundry room.  It looks very ballerina pink in the picture, but it is really more of a peachy LIGHT pink in real life.  So different in pictures...
 All cabinets are hung...just missing the piece for the middle over the cooktop.  But it sits directly on the countertop so it has to wait!!!
 Bar area :) Room for mini fridge and ice maker!!
 Farmhouse sink and dishwasher.  To far right will be double ovens with TV over it!
 View of island to bar area and breakfast nook!!!
 Bedroom with furniture in it. We are still sleeping upstairs because the heat and AC haven't been hooked up yet.  Going to get matching drapes for our windows on side of bed.  We really wanted shutters but our windows are too shallow :(  TEARS!!!!!
 Sitting area by fireplace...really this is where Jimmy will eat late night meals after work.
 View from MY side of bed!!!
Hallway/walkway into our bedroom.  This used to be the guest bedroom!!!
 Here is the new bedding.  We went with an ivory quilt.  I love it!
 A quick before and after shot...Here is before with tub in it's place...

 Here is before where the old shower and tub were ripped out...

Just waiting on the shower glass for the shower and this side is DONE!!!!!

Woohoo!! See you all soon!