Thursday, August 16, 2012

School is here...

Wow...summer break is over. Just typing those words make me want to tear up :)

Here is how we spent our last few days of summer break...Riding around in the Jeep...and just being together.  It was an amazing summer.
And now that summer is over, that must mean that someone started Kindergarten.  That's right, Ella is officially a "Busy Bumblebee." She LOVES her teacher and LOVES being in school.
Mom does NOT love her new sleeping schedule.  I had the world's crabbiest 5 year old the past few days.  She is definitely one of those kids that needs EVERY bit of sleep she can get.  I guess I should have weaned her off of her 3 hour naps a bit earlier.  ha ha ha

But today was SO much better.  So I think she is finally getting used to it! :) YAY!! I think if we would have had one more day like yesterday I would have driven her to some school that had 1/2 day was THAT bad :)

I got some decorations up in my office.  Including pictures of Maggie and the family :) And of course Edward in the background!
And look at this display that Jimmy came home with from Sam's Club.  I think he is getting a little bit TOO into helping stock Ella's lunches.  He really wants her to be the cool kid with the coolest lunch (NOT THE HEALTHIEST) ha ha ha. I love it.

Happy Beginning of School!!!!

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