Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There is a GET YOUR FACE ON challenge to all of you HOT mamas!! Not only do we want to brave and put it all out there...showing what we look like NATURALLY and then made up. But we are also sharing our beauty secrets, favorites, and tips to be the BEST we can be. Are you brave enough to show your face?

My before and after pics are at the end...but here are my steps to getting my face on...

Bare Minerals Make up in Medium...
Then a nice natural coat of Faux Tan...

Then I use what is left of my Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips (I dropped it and half of it cracked and broke off. Oh well) I use the dark purple with light purple over it, as well as using the shadow as eyeliner on my eyes with a liner brush...

I then use two coats of MAX factor mascara...
And one coat of Revlon Color Stay gloss and I am good for the day...
Haley BEFORE...
And Haley after...
My system in the morning is super quick and easy. I am a P.E. teacher...therefore wearing sweats most getting dolled up with sweats on may look a little silly. So, most days I wear my hair up in a ponytail and I am off to sweat with the kids!! It literally takes me 10 minutes to get ready for school in the morning!!! I love it! What are your tips and secrets?? Please share!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We have had a busy winter so far. Lots of crazy weather. I missed a Bday Party because of parents didn't make it down for the SIU softball fundraiser because of snow also :( But, it has been great anyway. We did a fun visit for my college roommate's Step-Dad's birthday (that was a mouthful).
Add ImageMe with my kiddos, Tyler and Ella!!
Add ImageAnd Adie with Meade :) He is so cute!!!

We also attended the SIU softball fundraiser by ourselves :( We host the event at one of my husband's family's bars here in town and it was a BLAST. Nice for me because I just set up the pack n play in the back office and the kids had all their own space. Ella is pretty well behaved, but wanted to hang out with Tyler and take a few pics!!!

Ella loves her little brother :) He scratched his poor forehead earlier in the day!! Ella posing with Tyler. I made her dress out of recycled Tshirts inspired by Lilblueboo...and I attempted a version of a Pretty Messy Flower that JoysHope makes. I had some scrap I tried. However, there is NOTHING like the real thing. I noticed that after i got mine in the mail!! How I wish I could make them like JoysHope. I think I will just stick to buying them from her :)

Our little chef...

Last week Jimmy wanted to cook some dinner for us so the kiddos and I relaxed in the play room while Dad went to work in the kitchen...However Ella was much more into what was going on with Dad. She wanted to help. He was making Shepard's there really wasn't much she could have done to help us. She certainly wasn't going to brown any meat...or cut up an onion...but Jimmy made a job for her anyway. He pulled up a chair and let her cut up a banana...and we pretended it was part of the recipe. She had so much fun. I think we may have a Chef in our future. I had to snap a few pictures.
Ella and her banana
So proud of her work
Trying it left handed...
So cute. Good work dad!!

Ann Arbor weekend...a little late :(

Back in January we had our FIRST girls only weekend up in Ann Arbor, where Maggie goes to school. It was our first all sisters trip together with no kids and no husbands. It was a nice relaxing fun filled weekend! When you have 4 sisters of our age it's pretty hard to find the time where one of us isn't pregnant...breastfeeding...or just flat out busy. So, it was a GREAT weekend!! Can't wait to do it again next year! :)

Maggie and Haley on night #1

Adie posing for a shot :)
After the bar...All of us DYING laughing because Marta can't walk in heels.
Maggie peeking behind Marta. We are about to walk by Marta's twin ( a 5'2" little Chinese girl with the same shirt on...Marta is 5'11" and had on 5" heels. It was GREAT)

Getting ready to go out on night #2
Marta and Haley
Not sure what we were taking pictures of...but our "WORDS" drinking game was too much fun!!
All the sisters! LOVE these girls
Maggie doing her "Single Ladies" dance with Teddi!
Marta and Adie standing underneath the AIR vent because we were SWEATING from dancing!! (She is NOT singing I swear)
Adie and Maggie in mid dance :)
Maggie...what a doll!
Adie and Maggie again!
Haley, Maggie and Adam (the roomate) So nice.
The guy who kept trying to pick Marta up...we were dying laughing!!

So to recap the weekend it was a blast. Just thought I would share these photos! Happy Tuesday

Thursday, February 4, 2010


In honor of my diet I have decided to post some diet YUMMINESS that people send me or that I find. My first recommendation is a delicious Chicken dinner...YOU MUST TRY THIS. Delicious and so EASY!!

All you need is:
1 Red Pepper
1 Yellow Pepper
1 Green Pepper
4 to 6 Chicken Breasts (I cut mine in half)
Bottle of Italian Dressing (I was out so I used Newman's Light Sesame Ginger)
Angel Hair Pasta

Preheat over to 400
Slice up peppers and put them in the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan
Place chicken on top
Pour dressing over it
Put foil over it
Here is the recipe on Nina's page

Eat and's also FANTASTIC reheated and taken for lunch the next day if you are on the go like me :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I could not be more excited for this news. For all of you mamas with BOYS out there you should be so pumped. Dana from MADE and Rae from Made By Rae have focused their blogs in February ALL about crafts and projects for boys!
We all know that there are a BAZILLION crafty ideas, patterns, tutorials and what not for all those beautiful baby girls out there...but Boy stuff is tough to find. Not this month. I am literally jumping for joy to start some amazing crafts for my little Tyler :) He has brought so much joy to our lives and it will be so fun to begin crafting for him too. Share the love for boys this month!!