Friday, October 29, 2010


It's PUMPKIN time!!! This past Monday we had our annual Pinch Penny Pumpkin Carving Party for our employees and we decided to join in the festivities!!!
Ella picked out THIS Snow White template!!!
I was, OF COURSE, the photographer while watching Tyler roam and Daddy and Ella went to work!!!!
Ella LOVES to get her hands dirty. She scoops the insides out with her BARE HANDS!!! That's my girl!
This is her scraping the inside out with a spoon...
Tyler with his PUMPKIN orange shirt was a big help...stealing crackers off the foot table and running like crazy :)
A quick surprise shot of the two artists :)
Cutting snow whites eyes out :) That sounds mean. ha ha ha
A quick pose with mommy!!!
Here is Ella with her Snow White pumpkin!! It looks MUCH better in real life all lit up!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cooking with Ella!!!

 Ella and I decided to do a little COOKING last night. So we picked out a recipe from our favorite "Quick and Easy" cook book and went to town.  We decided to make Broiled Chicken with Pesto Toasts!!! YUM!!!

 When we cook I pull a chair in from the dining room and we go to work!
Here is Ella in a pre-kitchen mess pose!!!
First thing we did was smear extra virgin olive oil on the chicken...

 This may be my favorite picture from the evening. LOOK how happy she is...
 But we didn't use just REGULAR olive oil...we used GARLIC flavored...EXTRA YUMMY
 While the chicken broiled for 15 minutes we put a can of diced tomatoes (drained) and 1/2 a jar of green pesto sauce in a saucepan to heat to put on the toasts!!!
While the pesto and tomatoes were heating we cut up the french bread. This is Ella's "bread castle" as she called it...
Ella with her bread castle...

 After a few minutes of simmering the pesto sauce was ready for the toasts.  You pour half of the pesto and tomato sauce over the chicken...and place back under the broiler for about 15 more minutes.  Then Ella and I smeared the pesto sauce on her toasts and then it was time to sprinkle on the CHEESE!!!!
 This was one of her favorite parts!!!
 We placed the toasts under the broiler for about 2 or 3 minutes when the chicken was just about done!!! It was QUICK and EASY!!! So easy a 3 year old could do it!!!
 Ella's plate also had some fun sides...watermelon and chicken and cheese tortellinis!! She did have some of my chicken too :)
 We also have to thank Tyler for sitting so nicely in his chair in the kitchen so we could cook and have fun!!! YAY for Tyler!!!
I LOVE to cook with Ella. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Spooktacular Tree

This is my FIRST attempt at a semi-tutorial. So brace yourself!!! Since I did this project TWO years ago I did NOT have a blog then or take I am going to describe the project with the images that I took today...So enjoy

I would also like to say that I do NOT take credit for this project.  Because I did it two years ago I truly can NOT remember where I found it!! Obviously...I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, so it doesn't surprise me that I don't remember!

Here is the final product...A spooky Halloween ornament tree!! 

What you need:
Decorative Canister
Sticks/Twigs from yard
Black Spray paint (optional)
Halloween stickers
Halloween ribbon
  • I started out by collecting the sticks for my "tree."  I tried to pick out some SPOOKY ones, and then spray painted them black!!!

  • I then assembled my ornaments.  I used Halloween stickers to decorate them and tied the ribbon on the ornaments

  • Inside my canister I placed a foam rectangle and shoved the sticks in. 
  • I then covered up the foam with some straw!!!
  •  Time to hang your ornaments on the TREE!!!

 Have your kiddos help!! A very FUN and easy Halloween project!!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Welcome to our WEEKEND!!!! The 2nd weekend in October may be my favorite weekend of the ENTIRE year.  Yes I said it...more than any Holiday or other time of year. It is MY absolute favorite.  During this weekend we go to Augusta, MO and enjoy a fantastic meal (The Sausage Supper) and enjoy the wineries that Augusta has to offer!!

But this weekend was made EVEN better with a BONFIRE at my parent's house to find out the sex of the newest addition to our family...Baby Smith.

Here is Momma Smith and lil Meade hanging out down by the pond...

 Our family likes to have what is called a "Guess the Sex" Party. We guess the baby's sex and weight and whoever is closest WINS!!  Here is Ella and my mom putting their guesses in!!

 Tyler enjoying a quick snack while we make our guesses and chat...
 Maggie and Austin pose for a quick picture...Notice Maggie's pink streak in her hair??? All of us girls went Saturday morning for a breast cancer fundraiser.  We all got a pink streak put in our hair...even some of the little ones got them too :)

 Here is momma Adie getting ready to hand out "the gifts" which reveal the sex of the baby!!!
 Nana and Mimo opening up the gifts...if you can see those are BLUE presents in their hands.  Baby Smith is gonna be a little boy. That makes TWO for the Smith family!!! We are so happy to have MORE boys in the family. SOOOOOO exciting. Congrats to Adie and Meade!!
 Little...actually HUGE Tyler strolling around the yard...
 Three of the sisters...Marta, Maggie and Adie...

 Here we are getting a sisters picture...please watch how the pictures progress.  They ALWAYS start off sweet and cute...
 Then some chatting usually begins MID picture...
 Then some LAUGHING...



 WOW is all there is to say about some of those pictures!!!! ha ha ha

Here are some shots of the kiddos enjoying the evening...
 Gracie, Riley, Mia, Meade, Sophie and Ella

 Kids enjoying hot dogs and Smores!!!
And a little DUCK DUCK GOOSE!!! (Mia, Sophie and Ella)

 Austin and Maggie enjoying some smores :)

Those are some HUGE bites!!! ha ha

The Smith family...with another cutie on the way!!! Conrats to you!

 So glad Adie and Meade started the weekend off GREAT!!!! Happy Fall!