Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bday ideas...continued...

Here are ideas for T-bone :)

He is pretty true to size as well.  He wears 2T clothing (some 3T shirts) I would DEFINITELY get 3T pajamas if you are getting those.  He wears a size 7.5 shoe...He is a BEAST. ha ha ha

He would really enjoy tinkering on his own workbench

I can TOTALLY see Tyler bopping this Spongebob punching bag.  HILARIOUS...

 AND...I think Meade has one of these shaking/trembling bulldozer...and Tyler LOVES it!!!!
Both of my kids would LOVE a new PUDDLE JUMPER to help them with their swimming skills!!

THESE are the cutest swim trunks EVER for Tyler.  Maybe a swimshirt/rashguard to go with??

Tyler also really loves anything that you push and make noise like this learning toy!!! Or this "Mater" laptop!! ADORABLE

Hope these ideas help!!! :)

Bday Ideas...

Ask and you shall receive...ideas for the kiddos that is :)

People have asked for ideas for the kiddos.  They LOVED the blog that I did around Christmas here is a birthday version!!!  Here are some ideas for Ella...

She may or may not be getting this Leapster from anything to go with the Leapster would be awesome

They have these awesome games, cases and charging stations.  These would be great additions to the Leapster. If you type in Leapster on the Toys R Us website they have a MASSIVE assortment of goodies.

Her best boyfriend Aydn was riding one of these AWESOME big wheels on our last day of school and Ella was OBSESSED...this one is Radio Flyer brand also at Toys R Us!! (They have a red one too...may be a better hand-me-down for Tyler) ha ha ha

She is also really into games right now such as MEMORYHUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS and ELEFUN.

She has the Loving Family Dollhouse.  THESE baby accessories are so adorable.

Ella really keeps mentioning Mia, Sophie and Gracie's two piece she would definitely stalk any of those.  Such as THESE from Target :)

Or an adorable cover up like this one below

She is pretty true to size wearing 4T clothing.

I will be back with more ideas for Tyler!! Happy shopping.  Can't wait to see you all on Saturday!