Monday, August 23, 2010

We used the TUB!!!!

Today we finished the tub in the bathroom. What a relief to have the biggest piece finished!!
This is a picture of the tub IN the space.
A VERY tight fit...but that was the whole idea. We knew not many options were available with the weird space we had!!
Here are the kiddos TESTING it out!! They had a blast in the new tub.
Splashing away!!!

Close up of the faucet!

I am in LOVE with our new bathroom so far.  The handheld shower is the BEST for rinsing hair. The kids fit in it perfectly!

We also got the toilet installed, so to finish we need to put in the vanity and cabinets...then its on to little stuff. I can't WAIT to be done.

I must thank hubby and his dad again for EVERYTHING and all their hard work!

Monday, August 16, 2010

School Days...

It's officialy, school has begun.  I am on lunch break so this needs to be quick!
I LOVE my new school. It's gonna be crazy getting things going, but I am happy to be in ONE building every day of the week and with the same kids every day!

YAY. However, there are two adorable kiddos that are making my heart ache to be away from today!

I love you Ella and Tyler. Can't wait to squeeze you when I get home.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today Ella went fishing with Grandpa and had a BLAST!! She is STILL talking about it!

My parents have the cutest pond in their yard and she begged my dad to take her fishing this morning before we headed back home!! Ella is a pretty brave 3 year old. I was actually SHOCKED when she didn't touch the fish!

Here are a few pics from today's events...

Ella and Grandpa sitting on the bench

Changing locations to "the hill."  Ella was "so careful" not to roll into the water!!
Love this close up of her BIG BELLY and how she is staring at the water!
Right after Grandpa caught the first fish. She wasn't so sure about it just yet!
Getting braver...was thinking about touching it!!
SUCH a cute picture!!
Started to reach her hand out and then pulled back. Grandpa was showing her the "fish eyes."
Ella posing for a picture :)
Love that she's cuddling up on Grandpa's leg while he fishes!! She loves her Grandpa!
And our fishing got cut short since the dogs were let out and SPRINTED down to the pond to jump in...not good for scaring the fish! ha ha ha. So, we packed it up and headed on home.

Thanks Mimo and Grandpa for watching the kiddos while we went to the Black Eyed Peas concert. (Post to come soon!!) And thanks Grandpa for taking Ella fishing.  She will probably stalk you down EVERY time we are there now!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today...FLOOR TILE!!

My husband and Father in Law ROCK. They knocked out ALL the floor tile today. Grout tomorrow and then put the chair rail up. Then we can start moving stuff in!
Sorry the picture is kind of dark. The sun was too bright for the flash to go off...and this is the only place I could take the picture because I can't stand on the floor yet!!!
But, I LOVE it!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bathroom Update

We are still working hard on the bathroom.  So far we have demolished EVERY part...and now we are on to perfecting the new one. Hubby has been hard at work. They put the subway tile in for behind the tub...

It looks SO good!!!
Amazing how much better it looks with a little grout and PAINT!! How do we feel about the color??

We still have to put a chair rail up and paint on the bottom...but things are finally moving!

We will have a chair rail where the paint stops...maybe eventually it will ALL be subway tile. But, we will see.

I am SUPER excited that the TUB came in.  Here is a shot of the kids playing in it!

They are so happy to have their OWN bathroom and own space. I am excited to have NO toys floating in the bottom of MY shower!

Here is the LINK to the before case you needed a reminder of the disgustingness!!!

Floor tile today!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 down...1 to go :)

Big news in the Viefhaus family!! Our littlest sister, Maggie, is getting married!!!  My parents had the great fortune of having 4 daughters, and they are on to their LAST wedding!!! I am sure they are thrilled beyond belief! Not only are they about to help plan their final wedding, but they get an incredible son-in-law as well!!!

Austin and Maggie got engaged on a beach in was adorable. Like something out of a movie.

So to celebrate we all met them at my mom and dad's last night when they got back!!!

Here are the sisters stalking her ring...which is GORGEOUS by the way!!

Here we are...all the sisters about to be married off...

Our signature "star" picture...all the sisters and mom making our ring cute!!

The boys had a celebratory cigar and whiskey drinking out on the patio...

And my dad STALKING Maggie's ring! So cute!

Congrats to Maggie and Austin. We are so excited and happy that you two have each other!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Random Trip to the Zoo

The family headed up to STL for the day to watch a Cardinal game...which was rain delayed so bad that we left...and decided on a random trip to the Zoo to fill our Saturday.
We ended up having pretty good weather...a little muggy, but not nearly as sunny and hot as it could have been!! The kids had a blast.  So here are some pics

Adie and baby Meade in front of the fountain!!
Ella and Daddy checking out the animals!
Ella and Mommy checking out the animals!

The awesome Zebras!!
The Elephants!!
Adie and baby Meade!!
Ella and her girl cousins, Gracie, Sophie and Mia!
Ella and the Gorilla!!
The girls with the BIG Gorilla!
Adie and Meade!
Marta holding Gracie and Sophie on the carousel!
Mia riding with Mimo!!
And the AWESOME huge sleeping Tiger!

Favorite picture of the day:
So cute!! The girls stalking the animals!!!

We had a great time. It was so good to see everyone. Miss you all!