Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where have we been?

Well it's glad to be back in the blog world. I should say that part of my New Year's Resolution of organization is to blame on my lack of blogging. I have been trying to get my house organized...which meant that some things got pushed to the side. Well organization time is taking a break because I have missed my blog soooooo much :) So, we are back with a quick recap of the end of the year.

We had Ella's first hair cut...she was so cute and happy.Mommy and her sisters were getting their hair "painted" as Ella calls it and she HAD to get hers done too. She even "painted" some of daddy's hair with water. She LOVED it!
Seems like a LONG time to go without a haircut...since she's 2 1/2...but her hair grew in pretty even, and there just didn't seem to be a reason to cut it. But, it was getting kind of snaggly on the ends so we took the plunge! She wasn't sad or scared at ALL!!
Ha Ha! Now comes NEW YEAR'S EVE. We had a blast hosting a New Year's Eve party for our family. We look forward to this kind of stuff. The stress...planning...grocery shopping. Worth EVERY SECOND. We LOVE LOVE LOVE to have our family over. I think it's because we don't get to do it very often, so we like to do it up BIG. All the family was there and it was incredible. Here are a few of my most MEMORABLE shots...
Tyler and Mimo posing before the kid pictures. He is such a happy baby boy.
One of my absolute favorite pictures. I guess Tyler was tired of chewing on his own fingers...he wanted to borrow little Meade's. Ha Ha. I love their adorable TIE ONESIES made by Marta...so cute in their man shirts. :)
Another cute one of the boys. They are majorly outnumbered in our family...so I am so glad they are going to grow up close in age. :)
ALL.THE.KIDDOS. I am in LOVE with this picture. It is just so perfect. Mia did awesome holding little Tyler. He starts to rage soon, so we didn't get too many of him. But, it was so amazing to get all the kiddos dressed up and together.
Love this one too. Little Meade is so happy and we are starting to reach our time limit on photo opportunities. ha ha
Here is the older girls doing their "kiss face." I made the girls the skirts and Marta made the Tie Shirts to match. SOOOOOO cute. (Kind of wish I made Ella's a little longer now...but oh well)

And to really end 2009 well we had a MAJOR dance party. The kiddos were going crazy. It was so fun. I was so glad everyone could make it down. I wish we lived closer to everyone and it could be a weekly event :) Love my family. Welcome back blog...Michigan weekend coming next!!

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