Thursday, May 6, 2010


We had an interesting event on Tuesday night. Ella was in the tub, and Tyler was in the tub. Both kids were all scrubbed down and we just had HAIR left to wash. When the inevitable happened...Tyler POOPED in the tub. At first I just smelled it...but then I saw the floaters.
I was DYING laughing. What else can you do? So I immediately drained the tub and removed the floaters. Scrubbed the tub and filled the bath back up and tried again. Ella could not stop laughing and Tyler looked so proud of what he had done!!!
I did snap a few pictures (of the kids laughing) I wanted no evidence of what was IN my tub that evening!! However the above picture is from the night before...he still looks guilty though right??

Now, I am about to leave town for 2 days and I need to do laundry...OF COURSE our washing machine would go out when I need to do a few loads...NOT to mention that Ella LITERALLY has ONE pair of undies left. Thank goodness the repair man could stop by this morning to take a little look. The washer is only 2.5 years old...we really shouldn't be having these issues already right?? I hope not. So, if it doesn't get fixed...I guess it's old school handwashing for me tonight :) Wish me luck!

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