Friday, July 9, 2010

New Friends

I would like to introduce you to TWO of Ella's new best friends...
Albert is named after the ONE and ONLY Albert Pujols! The best baseball player EVER!!!!!! He came into our lives at Ella and Tyler's birthday party in the treasure hunt.  Ella dug him out of the sand and has been buddies with him ever since.
And this little guy is YADI...
Yadi is named after the best CATCHER (besides my sister Adie) Yadier Molina.  He also made his arrival at Ella and Tyler's bday party. However, he was left here by someone else and Ella adopted him!!!

Ella loves these little guys.  She carries them all over the house and takes care of them. It's actually pretty cute.  However, its also a little startling to see where they end up some times.  Sort of looks like  a real creepy animal in her bed

I have definitely FLINCHED a few times when seeing them and NOT remembering that we have little creatures around the house!!!

But Ella loves these little guys and they eat, hang out and sleep with they are here to stay!

Enjoy your new home Yadi and Albert!!!!

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