Saturday, February 5, 2011


I am writing this blog for the first time using my iPad! I am using blogpress and I am so excited to blog on the go!!!!
Ella and I are watching Enchanted in my bed cuddling and this is PERFECTION!!!!! Why have I not done this sooner??

So this weekend has been very different than expected. It started with drinks at the bar with some of my favorite girls! A former SIU teammate was inducted into the Hall of Fame and we met her out for drinks after their dinner! SO. MUCH. FUN.
But then, it goes downhill. The snow totally ruined our plans to head to my parents for the weekend and to attend a very cute girl's 2nd birthday party. Ella had been talking about the party all week! And i had to rain on her parade this morning. Seriously devastated.
So we unpacked and went to the mens basketball game...another fail.
And now my throat hurts so bad that it hurts to swallow. Who is jealous???
Hopefully I will feel well enough for a good workout tomorrow!! And then i will enjoy watching the commercials during the Superbowl!!! YAY!

Happy weekend to all!

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