Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bday ideas...continued...

Here are ideas for T-bone :)

He is pretty true to size as well.  He wears 2T clothing (some 3T shirts) I would DEFINITELY get 3T pajamas if you are getting those.  He wears a size 7.5 shoe...He is a BEAST. ha ha ha

He would really enjoy tinkering on his own workbench

I can TOTALLY see Tyler bopping this Spongebob punching bag.  HILARIOUS...

 AND...I think Meade has one of these shaking/trembling bulldozer...and Tyler LOVES it!!!!
Both of my kids would LOVE a new PUDDLE JUMPER to help them with their swimming skills!!

THESE are the cutest swim trunks EVER for Tyler.  Maybe a swimshirt/rashguard to go with??

Tyler also really loves anything that you push and make noise like this learning toy!!! Or this "Mater" laptop!! ADORABLE

Hope these ideas help!!! :)

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