Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Kitchen

I realized after starting this whole "Home Tour" that I did NOT have very many pictures of our kitchen before.

Then I truly realized why.  I could barely stand on one side of the kitchen and take a picture of the other.  It was TOO close.  It was that small.  Literally it was 10' by 10' square.

Not to mention that in that square there were THREE doorways.

One to the to the dining room...and one to a hallway.


Looking back I don't even know how we functioned.

In the picture below I was standing in the HALLWAY!!!

All that is missing from the above picture is our refrigerator on the right side. 


So after 3 years of remodeling the above kitchen we decided to add on to our house.
And presenting...the NEW kitchen

It has EVERYTHING anyone could want in a kitchen :)

 Awesome Pottery Barn Lights

 A farmhouse sink
Tons of cabinetry...
 Hidden storage
 Double ovens, a warming drawer, AND a tv (which hooks up to the internet so I can view Pinterest and ALL of my recipes are right in my kitchen)
 I stalk the's my fave

 A bar area that is not quite finished...we have to purchase our ice maker and mini fridge :)
A breakfast nook for seating
****I made these awesome curtains using a tutorial that I found on Pinterest.  Make some...NOW!!!
More awesome lighting
 And seating at the island :)
 And with a fridge THAT large it's perfect for entertaining!!!!
 Right next to the kitchen is a little hallway with a chalkboard...This mini area USED to be our old kitchen...yikes.  Where the chalkboard is used to be where our old fridge was.  It was miserable.
 I don't know that I would have changed a thing when adding on to our kitchen.  I love the colors and the spaciousness.   We are totally spoiled.  We went from 10' by 10' to 16' by 32' of HEAVEN!

Thanks for coming by!!


  1. Love, love, LOVE your kitchen!!

    1. Thanks Lauren!! Come over any time! :)

  2. Um, this is gorgeous. Totally in love with those pendant lights!!!

  3. Thanks!!! It was a huge job. 5 months without a kitchen was pure torture. but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. :)