Monday, December 14, 2009

The Christmas Spirit

'Tis the season for Holiday memories and lots of fun. This Saturday we took Ella and Tyler to go visit SANTA. It was UNbelievable to see how EXCITED Ella was to see Santa this year. She is 2 1/2, so it is really the time where she understands the concept of Santa, that he leaves presents under the tree for good boys and girls. I will say I have been preparing her by watching Polar Express OVER and OVER again and I think it helps.
So, as we waited in line she was literally JUMPING up and down and kept asking, "is it MY turn?" It was THE CUTEST. Santa yelled, "Ho Ho Ho," when she was next in line and it was GAME OVER then. She was hooked. She sat on his lap and didn't even wait for Tyler to get settled before she was talking to him like they were BFFs!! HILARIOUS. So, when I get time I will have to upload the video of her telling Santa that she wanted a "big girl bed like Mia and Sophie's." Her favoritest big cousins!! She is obsessed with them.
Here is a picture of Daddy and Ella outside the Santa display in the mall. It was the perfect day!!
Hopefully everyone else is getting in the mood for Christmas and is in the giving spirit. If you haven't gotten there yet maybe this link to PROJECT 320 will help. Make a donation to help build a well. You could win prizes also!!! Save some childrens' lives!! Merry Christmas to all.

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