Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ann Arbor weekend...a little late :(

Back in January we had our FIRST girls only weekend up in Ann Arbor, where Maggie goes to school. It was our first all sisters trip together with no kids and no husbands. It was a nice relaxing fun filled weekend! When you have 4 sisters of our age it's pretty hard to find the time where one of us isn't pregnant...breastfeeding...or just flat out busy. So, it was a GREAT weekend!! Can't wait to do it again next year! :)

Maggie and Haley on night #1

Adie posing for a shot :)
After the bar...All of us DYING laughing because Marta can't walk in heels.
Maggie peeking behind Marta. We are about to walk by Marta's twin ( a 5'2" little Chinese girl with the same shirt on...Marta is 5'11" and had on 5" heels. It was GREAT)

Getting ready to go out on night #2
Marta and Haley
Not sure what we were taking pictures of...but our "WORDS" drinking game was too much fun!!
All the sisters! LOVE these girls
Maggie doing her "Single Ladies" dance with Teddi!
Marta and Adie standing underneath the AIR vent because we were SWEATING from dancing!! (She is NOT singing I swear)
Adie and Maggie in mid dance :)
Maggie...what a doll!
Adie and Maggie again!
Haley, Maggie and Adam (the roomate) So nice.
The guy who kept trying to pick Marta up...we were dying laughing!!

So to recap the weekend it was a blast. Just thought I would share these photos! Happy Tuesday

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