Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We have had a busy winter so far. Lots of crazy weather. I missed a Bday Party because of snow...my parents didn't make it down for the SIU softball fundraiser because of snow also :( But, it has been great anyway. We did a fun visit for my college roommate's Step-Dad's birthday (that was a mouthful).
Add ImageMe with my kiddos, Tyler and Ella!!
Add ImageAnd Adie with Meade :) He is so cute!!!

We also attended the SIU softball fundraiser by ourselves :( We host the event at one of my husband's family's bars here in town and it was a BLAST. Nice for me because I just set up the pack n play in the back office and the kids had all their own space. Ella is pretty well behaved, but wanted to hang out with Tyler and take a few pics!!!

Ella loves her little brother :) He scratched his poor forehead earlier in the day!! Ella posing with Tyler. I made her dress out of recycled Tshirts inspired by Lilblueboo...and I attempted a version of a Pretty Messy Flower that JoysHope makes. I had some scrap fabric...so I tried. However, there is NOTHING like the real thing. I noticed that after i got mine in the mail!! How I wish I could make them like JoysHope. I think I will just stick to buying them from her :)


  1. Hi Haley! You linked up to my Get Your Face On party but I'm not seeing a beauty post here. I'd love to have you join! Read the post for the details. Blessings, Beth

  2. Sorry Beth...I misunderstood the directions. I am working on my BEAUTY post now...then I will relink! Thanks