Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Santa

I decided to get an early start on my own Christmas shopping this year, and that got me in the mood to make my own wish list for Santa! I decided to do a wish list blog :)

So anyone needing ideas for my favorite things this year will have it NICE and EASY!!!

Earrings small ones OR big ones
Headbands like the ones ERIN makes in her Shop...LOVE them
Fun T-shirts (those with embellishments or fun designs) Usually Size Large

Gift cards to BUCKLE or JoAnn's Fabric
Cardigans (Size Medium at Old Navy)

Tank Tops/Shells for UNDER cardigans :)
ANYTHING Maroon...I go to a lot of Saluki events so I can always wear maroon
Sunglasses like these from Kohl's

Dressy flats like these from Target
Make up...eye shadows, grey eyeliner, any lip gloss
Bare Essentials Faux Tan or make up
Nail polish...any colors
Workout leggings
 Cricut and cartridges
Lowcut sport socks
Purses/handbags like the one below from the Buckle

Sport Watch like this NIKE one

Thank you so much for checking out my favorite things!!!! Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays. I hope everyone on MY list makes a Dear Santa blog!!!!

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