Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Lists

Many have been asking for lists for Ella and of course I decided to blog it instead :)

Here is a wish list from Ella:

*****These are all IDEAS and EXAMPLES, not specifics*****


(Ella is obsessed with dresses. Literally had to HIDE her Summer dresses because she was crying about wearing them!! MISERABLE)
**Games for the "Click to Start" Leapfrog My First Computer
**The Tag Junior Reading Pal and books!!!
**As far as toys go...we have tons, but Ella really enjoys Barbies and Princess toys.  She likes the new TANGLED movie that just came out, and really likes Toy Story 3 as well!!!
**Underwear (Size 3T to 4T) and SOCKS!!!!
**Any clothing she usually wears Size 4T tops and 3T bottoms!
**Tights and Leggings...since she's obsessed with dresses :)

**Boots and Slippers to keep her feet warm :) Size 9 or 9.5

**And sweaters!!! Like THESE from Old Navy!!

***Almost all of these pictures above were taken from Old Navy's website.***

Tyler's wishlist:

**Hoodies, like any of THESE from Old Navy
**Sweaters. Tyler wears 2T tops and 18 months bottoms!!

**Slippers to keep his little feet warm (SIZE 7)
**ANY shoes...he literally only owns tennis shoes!!
**Educational toys such as this from Leapfrog
**Or these magnetic sound toys from Leapfrog too!!

**Tyler truly enjoys ALL toys!! He loves trucks and trains (Thanks to Meadeboy) too!!

I hope this was helpful to your shopping needs!!! Again, all of these are examples of what the kids like! They would most certainly be happy with ANYTHING that they get. I will try and update this again in case I think of more ideas!!! People were asking for ideas, so I am sending them your way!! Happy Holidays!

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