Tuesday, March 8, 2011

29 years ago...

...I was born with a best friend.
Only three minutes apart :)

I forever was blessed to have...

Someone to go to Vegas with...
Someone to meet FAMOUS people with...
Someone to celebrate with...
Someone to play professional sports with...
And someone to make #2 and #3 out of 4!!

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have 3 fantastic and wonderful sisters.  I am even LUCKIER to have a twin.  I get the honor of sharing my birthday with my best friend.  Someone who ALWAYS makes my family proud.

Thanks for being a wonderful sister and best friend.  Happy Birthday Adie.


  1. So sweet.
    Sisters are the best - and you have some of the best sisters!!
    Double (quadruple?) the blessings!
    Happy Birthday to you and Adie!
    (and best wishes on your remodel. May it be done before your 30th. HA!)

  2. I always wanted twin girls growing up!
    Happy Happy Bday to you & Adie!