Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Maybe we should have a construction zone party for our kids birthday party this year because that is ALL I see in our future as of right now!  Destruction...and construction has officially begun.   We are adding on to our house.  We are turning the guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs into our master suite with SUPER sweet walk in closets.  And on the other side of the house we will be adding on a KITCHEN that is NOT 10' x 10' like the one we have now.  I am by NO means a master chef, but part of the reason I don't try harder is because our kitchen SUCKS! (At least that is what I tell myself)

Here are some recent pictures of our disaster zone...

 These pictures are of our guest bathroom and bedroom wall, which will soon be the master suite :)
 They are placing the blocks for the crawl space and will SOON be putting up walls and floor!!
 The next picture is the other side of the house.  They haven't begun demolition on this side of the house.  But right now we are trying to salvage some of our plants.  They are going to have to RIP up our beautiful gardens so they are digging up some of the plants and we are HOPING and PRAYING that they live through the move!!!
 There are MASSIVE pieces of equipment ALL over our yard...It is CRAZINESS!!!
 Why go through all the trouble you ask??????

Just look at the picture below...

 This is what these plants look like come June!!!

They must be saved :) 

This is our craziness going on here!! Hope you are all having a wonderful start to Spring!

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  1. Those plants are so beautiful, I hope that they make it through the move!