Monday, April 30, 2012

First game

The kids had their first experience at Busch Stadium yesterday and it was SO much fun. The only thing that could have made it better is if the Cardinals would have won. The weather was surprisingly great. There was a 60% chance of rain and it must have just squeaked past us, thank goodness!!
So here are a few phone pics from our day.

Here is Tyler on the ride up to STL!!

It was determined that Tyler's hat was too small (or his head was too big) and we got a big boy hat when we got to the stadium.

He looked so old with his new hat. I don't know why. But he looked super old when he rocked it backwards while dominating some nachos :)

Ella and daddy are so cute together :)

And jimmy and Tyler look super cute with matching backwards hats.

After this Sunday day game the kids were able to run the bases. They were "speedy fast" according to Ella. She got multiple compliments on her running skills. She MUST have gotten those skills from her momma ;)

And of course the kids did not leave empty handed :) my friend Molly spoiled them with goodies from the Build-a-bear shop in the stadium :) Ella, a matching pink Cardinals bear and Tyler chose a Fredbird. Love her!!!

 And here are a few "real pictures"...

A wonderful family shot...with ME taking most of the pictures...we don't get nearly enough of these :)
 We took serious advantage of our friends being there
 My "other" husband :)
 My friend Molly.  I love her.
 The girls :)
 What a cute father/son picture.  Can you say Father's Day??

The game was a huge success!!!!!

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