Saturday, June 2, 2012

Poolside blogging...and Birthdays

Magical that I can sit by the pool and blog. All from my Ipod. I heart blogpress :)

Anyway...just wanted to catch you all up on Ella's birthday. We had an amazing day and fantastic weather. It couldn't have gone any better!

Our day started at the Clay Chameleon which was so fun. Ella picked a unicorn to paint and it ended up adorable.

Such an adorable shop!!!

Ella with her unicorn :)

I let her paint something for herself, but selfishly I wanted something for myself that she made :) she made me a plate!!

Girls club :)

My finished plate :)

Spray park was stop #2 and it was a hit!!

The kids were drenched and happy when we left here!!

Is there anything more fun than running through frigid water on s hot day??

Risking some splashes. I love it!!

Stop #3 was at a place called YaYa's island. This was my favorite stop of the day. They had indoor climbing tunnels and bounce houses.

It was perfectly age appropriate and awesome!!!!

They had a great time. I would have been find skipping Chuck-E-Cheeses and staying there. Actually I would have preferred that!!

Ella made a boyfriend at Chuck-E-Cheeses. I couldn't stop laughing watching her cuddle on this guy in the car :)

Tyler enjoyed shooting hoops.

And tried to spin the ball in his finger. Adorable

I can not even tell you how cute these two were playing together. They were so polite and happy :)

I could relive that day over and over again!!!

Happy birthday to my beautiful baby girl. I can't believe you are FIVE!!!!!!!!!

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