Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ella's Birthday

We are not much of "planners" here in the Karayiannis house.  We are more the pack up and go type. 
However tomorrow is a BIG day.  It is the day our little girl turns FIVE!!!!!!!!! :)
How can that be?? FIVE years old?? I am fainting right now!
So, since tomorrow is such a big deal we have planned a very special day with Ella and Tyler to celebrate.
First stop...The Clay Chameleon in Paducah, KY.

Anyone who knows Ella knows that she is obsessed with anything ART...drawing, stickers, painting, cutting with scissors.  You name it, she loves it.  So we decided that this would be RIGHT up her alley.  We are hoping her and Tyler can create something special for us.  Maybe something like this...

If Ella and Tyler make us a special platter it will have the PERFECT home above our mantle in the kitchen...just sayin' :)
After the Clay Chameleon our next stop will be a spray park there in town.  There is nothing better than two little kids living it up with water and sun.  Our fingers are crossed for good weather, but there is a 60% chance for rain so we wanted to have back up plans so her day is perfect.
In case the spray park is a fail we have THIS stellar place as a back up.  YaYa's Island looks amazing. 

hello climbing huts...

hello indoor tunnel magic...
We will love you :)
Our last stop is the best place EVER for kids and that is...Chuck E Cheeses!!!!
I don't know who this will be harder on, Mom and Dad or a long day for the kids with no naps...but we will make it happen.
I still can't believe this girl...

will be FIVE tomorrow :( TEARS!!!!!!!

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