Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Days...

I love working at a school. MOST of the time. I mean, knowing that I am going to be able to teach my own children for 3 years out of their life is AMAZING!!! The sickness I could go without. My hands are raw because I am a psycho about NOT giving my kids the swine flu since EVERY kid at my school has it, and Kindergarteners and 1st graders are SO good at covering their mouths and wiping their noses...NOT. ha ha. But, I do get so excited when I see the little Pre-K class walk by knowing that Ella will be in my building next year. CRAZY! Where has the time gone?? Now, I know I could choose to send her to a different Pre-School if I wanted to, but I love that I will get to see her almost every day. At age 3, our school does half day Pre-K every day. She will be there from 8am to 11am EVERY day that we have school. Seems a little intense for a 3 year old, but I know that Ella will be in Heaven...meeting new friends and learning what school is all about. It is just amazing to picture these kids and know that Ella will be THAT big next year. Kind of takes my breath away. But, she will be ready and so will I.

I hope everyone is getting outside and enjoying this beautiful fall weather. It won't last much longer and the cold will be here to stay :(

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