Wednesday, October 14, 2009


'Tis the time of year for yummy food and tasty wine. We just headed up to Augusta, MO for our annual Sausage Supper and winery weekend and it was a BLAST!! My kids were great...can't ask for anything better than 2 well behaved children. The wine was delicious and the food was SPECTACULAR!!! We had such a good time. The saddest part was definitely that my twin sister, Adie, couldn't make it because her and her little munchkin were sick. Then, my older sister, Marta's, littlest munchkin got sick too...even ending in a visit to the ER with pneumonia and flu. Poor kiddos. I will be in shock if my kids don't get the flu because basically my whole family has had it...and before we knew what it was they were all together. But, let's just hope we got lucky and it skips us! But, we did have a good time! Thanks to Marta and Steve for setting everything up and making the reservations. I LOVED Chandler Hill. I hope we can go back again next year. If the weather is a little more cooperative hopefully there won't be as much separation of the groups like the sissy group inside. ha ha ha. I miss my family so much after an event like that. We all get together and laugh our butts off and just enjoy each other. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends.
Jimmy's Bday is just around the corner and Halloween too!!

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