Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh I loved you this year. This was our first "REAL" Easter. And by that I mean that Ella kind of had a clue as to the whole Easter Bunny process...enjoyed finding the eggs. And, we finally started learning what Easter is REALLY all about. We read out of the Bible, and Ella asked questions. It was so neat to finally have her interact with the importance of a Holiday, and not only get into the sneaky Easter Bunny part. So I snapped off a few pics to share with you all.

My baby boy bunny Tyler...all smiles at breakfast. I am sure one day he will hate me for this photo!!
My baby girl bunny...eating her bunny shaped POP tart that she requested...
Out looking for eggs...
Looking so hard for the eggs...she was so cute sprinting around the back yard.
Putting them in her little bunny basket.
Tyler hanging out inside after the egg hunt.
Ella drawing with her new Color Wonder markers the Easter Bunny brought her.
A mini egg hunt at Grandma and Papou's...
Finding the eggs with Daddy's help.
Mommy with her kiddos.
I hope everyone had as wonderful of an Easter as we did!!

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