Tuesday, April 13, 2010

S I...S I...S I...S I U!!!!!


We had an absolute blast this weekend with the SIU softball reunion. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did! Just a little recap of the weekends events.

Friday night we had a "happy hour" with drinks and mingling for all the former players. But, I also had a friend in town that I haven't seen in way too long. My friend Stephanie, that I work with, was in town with her hubby, Carl, and it was SO good to see her. I miss her so much and wish she still worked with me :( P.S. my stellar shirt that I have on was made by Erin...please stalk her page and enjoy all her cuteness!!!
So, we had a blast Friday night (Momma had an early curfew though because we had some of the softball girls watching the kiddos...so I went home early so my sisters and parents could hang out)

Here is a quick snap of the girls at the games. Everyone LOVED the girls' recycled tshirt dresses. I made all the dresses with Ashley's pattern from Lilblueboo. I took some old SIU softball shirts and turned them into some dresses. Plus I had some HOT models to show them off. Here are Ella and Sophie...
I also had some inspiration from Julie at JoysHope. She is famous for her pretty messy flowers (that Sophie has on in the picture above) but has recently created some AWESOME new necklaces that I was stalking. I knew that I would not have had time for a special order to get to my house before the weekend...so I attempted a maroon colored necklace of my own...which turned out OK. Adie is modeling it in the picture below. Still no comparison for the real thing!!!
Adie and Marta posing before we walked down on the field to get recognized.
Me and my hubby. :) That is our old dorm in the background!!!
MOST of the girls we graduated with. Lindsey, JD, myself and Adie!
Now Saturday evening our STELLAR parents offered to watch all the grandkids so we could go to our dinner reception. SO. MUCH. FUN. 6 crazy kids...all under 6 years old. Hectic and crazy. So we were so lucky they were there. Snapped a few pics before and at the event.

Here is my dad trying to sneak little Meade in the picture playing with a Barbie. He thought this was hilarious! Adie and big Meade had no clue Barbie was invading their picture. But still what a cute family!!
Here is Ella taking her turn on the trampoline...Sophie and Mia waiting so nicely for their turn!
Adie and I at the reception. She was modeling her "olive" necklace that it was named the rest of the evening. I thought I was going to pee my pants laughing SO hard at everyone that was there. Only rat would ask for a martini because of that necklace...
Adie showing off her olives and "pretending" to mix them in her drink! ha ha ha
Me and my friend MOLLY who worked the event for us that evening.
And to end the night the right way...we headed next door to Pinch and witnessed a girl with her entire underwear hanging out...how exactly do you NOT notice this???????
ha ha ha...Well, I will try and add some more pictures...after I steal some good ones from all of my friends. I didn't get many "group" shots because I didn't want to throw a 500th camera out there...so more group pics to come. Thanks for all the CRAZY memories girlies. Can't wait to see you soon.

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