Friday, June 18, 2010

The Beach

We got packed up and headed out to Cedar Lake Beach yesterday...only to get RAINED or "monsooned" OUT! Ella was devastated.  We were in the water for about 2 minutes when the lifeguard blew her whistle to get everyone out.  We waited for a few minutes, but the skies soon became black and we raced home!!!

But, I did snap a few pics of our time there.
Ella cheesin all dressed and ready...

Our friends, Michelle and Allison took Ella (in their car) and this was all their idea.  I wasn't planning on going, but since I was bored I packed Tyler up and decided to join them last minute!! It was totally during his nap time, so I was sure to bring my own car in case it was a disaster!!!
Michelle and Allison getting Ella all ready to dig in the sand!
Of course Ariel had to go with us!!
Ariel is a GREAT swimmer too :)

Tyler all smiles hanging out in the stroller for a snack!

Ella had so much fun with Allison and Michelle.
She was so confused AND devastated when they made us get out of the water!!! But, we have the best friends in the world because they took her back today to try again!! No rain in the forecast...Thank goodness!!!!
I have a feeling this was just the FIRST trip to the beach for Ella this summer.  We have a sandbox...and a pool at our house...but that is NOTHING compared to a real beach to a 3 year old! I love it!!!

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