Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well...we can FINALLY relax because the Party is over. My sister in law said to me the other day, "Isn't nice having this party at the beginning of the Summer because then your yard and everything is ready for the rest of the year." I guess I never really looked at it like that, but she is totally right. We now have the landscaping done...all the party supplies you could ever need. And basically, a little peace of mind!! YAY. 

The party was a huge hit. It was a tough time of day (for Ella) having the party start at 1pm.  Her nap time is usually around 2ish...sometimes closer to 2 and sometimes closer to 3pm, depending on the day. But, she pushed through the day with NO nap...and only a few minor whining episodes.  Overall, I was QUITE impressed that we made it that far!!

So here are some AWESOME pics of our incredibly fun day. 
Here is Aunt Maggie testing out a sno cone.  We rented a sno cone machine for the day which was a HUGE hit!!!

Here is little Meade and Gracie testing one out as well...

We had some games! We did a treasure hunt where the kids dug in the sandbox for goodies. I got this idea from Erin, however they did a "dinosaur dig" but same concept :)
Sophie sporting her new glasses she found in the sand...Oh and the BOUNCE HOUSE in the background :)
I found this awesome photo prop at Oriental Trading Company and my AWESOME father in law built a frame out of plywood and a step in the back so the kids could reach to put their heads in! He ROCKS!!
Here is a picture of the parade car that my bro in law fixed up JUST in time to give rides at the party.  This is Marta taking my sis, Adie, and hubby's friend Danny around for a ride...

Tyler roaming the yard. The birthday boy was ALL smiles ALL day :)

My best friends in the WhOLE sisters (Marta, Adie, myself and Maggie)

Anyone with children MUST invest in one of these swimvest that my sister got baby Meade. It really is the BEST swimming aide ever. I think she said she got it at Walmart!!! Heavenly!!!!!

PRESENT time...Two kids...LOTS of presents. We may have to add on to our house for room for all the AWESOME toys the kids got!!

Tyler's Cake (We used the image from Dimpleprints to go with our theme)

Ella's cake...

Singing to the kids and blowing out the candles :) Got a little teary eyed...not gonna lie!
THIS is how we eat cake in our family...

Little Meade taking a big boy bite of a snack. Was stalking his pirate swimming attire...visor, swimshirt and trunks...DYING at the cuteness...

The girls hanging out on the bounce house :)

Ella rocking her cape that Aunt Marta made so she can REALLY climb the ladder fast :)
Mia putting the playset to the test!!

Sophie's turn on the slide!

One of my favorite pictures of the night...Ella and Daddy with their fresh cotton candy.

Nothing like a night cap of cotton candy before bed time :) ha ha ha! And please note the STELLAR towel behind the says "Ella and Tyler's Birthday Celebration 2010. Those are the favors we gave our guests!!! SO MUCH FUN
I can not thank everyone enough that made the trip and that helped make the party possible at all. It was truly a day I know I'll never forget. Can't believe Tyler will be one in ONE WEEK!!!! Happy Sunday to all!


  1. FUN!! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. Okay. I need to be added to the guest-list from now on... what fun!!! :D

  3. Looks like the day was a blast. AND - having all your sisters there made it perfect. Love that all the cousins get to share and grow up together so much. SO FUN!

  4. Fun, fun, fun!!!! Everything looked awesome!!! Your backyard is freaking awesome! Happy Birthday to your sweet kiddos!