Monday, August 23, 2010

We used the TUB!!!!

Today we finished the tub in the bathroom. What a relief to have the biggest piece finished!!
This is a picture of the tub IN the space.
A VERY tight fit...but that was the whole idea. We knew not many options were available with the weird space we had!!
Here are the kiddos TESTING it out!! They had a blast in the new tub.
Splashing away!!!

Close up of the faucet!

I am in LOVE with our new bathroom so far.  The handheld shower is the BEST for rinsing hair. The kids fit in it perfectly!

We also got the toilet installed, so to finish we need to put in the vanity and cabinets...then its on to little stuff. I can't WAIT to be done.

I must thank hubby and his dad again for EVERYTHING and all their hard work!

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