Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 down...1 to go :)

Big news in the Viefhaus family!! Our littlest sister, Maggie, is getting married!!!  My parents had the great fortune of having 4 daughters, and they are on to their LAST wedding!!! I am sure they are thrilled beyond belief! Not only are they about to help plan their final wedding, but they get an incredible son-in-law as well!!!

Austin and Maggie got engaged on a beach in was adorable. Like something out of a movie.

So to celebrate we all met them at my mom and dad's last night when they got back!!!

Here are the sisters stalking her ring...which is GORGEOUS by the way!!

Here we are...all the sisters about to be married off...

Our signature "star" picture...all the sisters and mom making our ring cute!!

The boys had a celebratory cigar and whiskey drinking out on the patio...

And my dad STALKING Maggie's ring! So cute!

Congrats to Maggie and Austin. We are so excited and happy that you two have each other!


  1. Yay!!! You four are the cutest sisters ever!!! What happy, happy news!

  2. Thanks Julie!! We are super pumped. I think in my next life I will be a wedding planner! I am stalking wedding dresses and everything and it's not even my wedding! Oh well