Friday, August 6, 2010

Bathroom Update

We are still working hard on the bathroom.  So far we have demolished EVERY part...and now we are on to perfecting the new one. Hubby has been hard at work. They put the subway tile in for behind the tub...

It looks SO good!!!
Amazing how much better it looks with a little grout and PAINT!! How do we feel about the color??

We still have to put a chair rail up and paint on the bottom...but things are finally moving!

We will have a chair rail where the paint stops...maybe eventually it will ALL be subway tile. But, we will see.

I am SUPER excited that the TUB came in.  Here is a shot of the kids playing in it!

They are so happy to have their OWN bathroom and own space. I am excited to have NO toys floating in the bottom of MY shower!

Here is the LINK to the before case you needed a reminder of the disgustingness!!!

Floor tile today!!

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