Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Both sides?????

So...they have officially begun work on the other side of our house. I am super excited that this has started. However, a little frustrated the other side isn't further along so that our house doesn't seem quite so "torn up."

One thing i can for sure be very thankful for is the fact that I have VERY flexible children. Since our kiddos stay home every day with our rock star nanny, Becky, they are here for ALL the construction. They hear every nail, every piece of wood that is chopped and every brick now torn off of the house. And they have been great all things considered!!! Becky has also been so flexible. We are so blessed to have such a fantastic person for our children!!! Becky loves to take the kiddos to the park or to run the lake which gets them away from the madness!!!!

Part of the time Tyler naps in a pack n play in our master bathroom and Ella in our bed. But, now that they have moved on to both sides we no longer have a "quiet" side of the house!! That is what I meant by hoping they were further along!!!! We were hoping that by the time they moved onto the new side of the house that the old side (which houses the KIDS bedrooms) would be closer to finished! But, it's not, and that's ok. Today i am home with the kiddos and they are napping away in the "Raiders" room. Oh so thankful my kids will sleep anywhere!!!!

Here are a few recent pics of the first part of the renovation!!!

Master bedroom side.  The kiddos sleep right above the new roof!!!!

The siding is actually on now.  We will have the exact same size renovation on the other side of the house!!!

Here is the view from our "bed."  We will soon be able to see the fireplace in our bedroom :)

This is the opposite wall.  Between the windows will be our bed with french doors leading to the back yard!!

And here are my happy kiddos.  Ella is teaching Tyler how to smile with hands on cheeks :) ha ha ha

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