Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The plumbing is finished!!!!!! YAY. Here are a few quick pictures of the bathroom!
 That is our new 73" soaking tub.  I already got inside it...there are about 6 inches of empty space at the end...I have plenty of room to soak!!!  There will be a chandelier hanging over the tub centered on the window!!!
 Kind of hard to see, but tis is the wall to our shower.  If you look close you can see a pipe for the shower head, two body sprayers, and a handheld shower head!!!!
 And this is the view from the ORIGINAL bathroom door.  This used to be a view of the bathroom window.  But now you can see all the way down the new bathroom right into MY closet!!!
This view is where the old sink vanity used to be...and some closets.  Now ripped out to make room for our NEW sink vanities and make up vanity!!

Things are finally moving along! Today there isn't much going on. I think the speakers for our bedroom, bathroom and outside by hot tub are being hooked up. But, tomorrow is the fireplace in our bedroom and then DRYWALL starts MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh, my gosh. That tub is awesome!! I've been meaning to respond to your commment...I can't believe we live down the road! So crazy and fun! I think I've seen your house when we've gone to that park! :)