Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A roof???

Not quite, but we are almost there!!! The roof is almost finished on the addition and I am getting SO pumped!!!!!
 Things have been going pretty smoothly so far...have to wait for more brickwork to get finished before the decking of the roof can go on, but that's the price we have to pay to keep all the original brick!!!

Changes on the inside of the house are happening fast too.  If you look at the first picture, the tip of the roof is running right into a below you can see the upstairs kids bathroom that we had to close up the window.

Really really makes me sad :( There is nothing I love more than natural light. But, I guess that just means we get an AWESOME amount of natural light in the new addition! YAY.

Sorry for the awful phone say I have been busy is an understatement.  Crazy renovations and hubby out of sleeping in pack and plays in OUR bathroom.  It's been interesting!!!!!

More to come soon!!

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