Friday, May 20, 2011

Ella's Last Day of Pre-School 2011

WOW...a half a year of preschool is over and done. SCARY.

So scary to think that the school year is almost over.  That just means LOTS...and LOTS of craziness to begin the Summer!

Here is Tyler watching Ella through the window...playing outside!
Tyler runs into the classroom and plays immediately when going to pick Ella up :)

 It was their "water party."  Weather didn't cooperate very well, so they made the best of it using squirt bottles and towels.  It was adorable...
Tyler got in on some action playing with the big kids.  Becky says he was in HEAVEN.
Ella with one of her teachers, Miss Beth.
Ella's friend Addy.  They are attached at the hip at school.
Tyler getting some work in on the playground :)
Ella and Addy I said, attached at the hip.
Kids running wild :)  SO cute
Posing in front of her school building.  Hopefully we will be back their again next year.
Probably my favorite picture EVER...

Can't wait to start our crazy Summer out this evening at Gracie's birthday party...and another one for Michael tomorrow!! YAY SUMMER!!

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