Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walls and Roof up!!

We have WALLS and the trusses are up too :)
Our construction craziness is further along...here is the side view of the new walkway and kitchen!!
This is our newly formed hallway...

 And this will soon be the view from our breakfast nook out the windows to the front yard.  Our cooktop and mantle-like hood will be placed in between these two windows...

This LARGE window will be the view from the sink area.  It will fit beautifully beneath this  5 foot window :)
Another view from the outside...as hubby trims a few branches that got banged up with construction!!
This is just a view up toward the trusses.   Hard to tell, but they will soon house a tray ceiling spanning the entire space!!
 Lots going on here.  We hear they may want to tap into our existing kitchen soon...which we are not fond of.  That means lots of crockpot and microwave meals for us. AND no dishwasher!! YIKES!

We will see how long we can keep them out of there.  There is still completion work to be done on the other side...painting, molding, light fixtures, flooring.  So we are hoping to distract them with that work at least until Summer break gets here!!!

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