Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Who doesn't love Tinkerbell?? And all of her movies? Well our little Ella is OBSESSED!! The newest Tinkerbell movie, Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue came out not too long ago and we have had some fun with all the action.

We bought the movie as soon as it got to stores and watched it THAT evening.  Ella was instantly hooked on all things fairies again.

In the movie, Tinkerbell gets trapped in a "fairy house" and it's up to her friends to come rescue her. Well while I was at work the next day our nanny, Melanie, and Ella recreated their own fairy house.

Here is what the fairy house looks like in the movie:

Another view of Tinkerbell standing in front of the bridge that leads to the fairy house:

Here is Ella and Melanie's version:

 I love the flowers on top of the magnolia leaves.  SO ADORABLE!!!

Is that not the cutest?? They made a bridge and little mini fairies.  I thought it was the CUTEST thing EVER!! I am so glad there are creative people out there to come up with cute projects for kids.  That is why I stick to P.E.  I had already watched the movie with Ella before Melanie and NEVER in a million years would have thought to create our own fairy house!! LOVE it!

And since this is a TINKERBELL themed post I figured I would add in my pictures from our trip to Disneyland this Summer.  Pixie Hollow...

 And me and my friend, Molly, with the ONE and only Tinkerbell...

How real does that Tinkerbell look?? I was STUNNED!!

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