Friday, October 29, 2010


It's PUMPKIN time!!! This past Monday we had our annual Pinch Penny Pumpkin Carving Party for our employees and we decided to join in the festivities!!!
Ella picked out THIS Snow White template!!!
I was, OF COURSE, the photographer while watching Tyler roam and Daddy and Ella went to work!!!!
Ella LOVES to get her hands dirty. She scoops the insides out with her BARE HANDS!!! That's my girl!
This is her scraping the inside out with a spoon...
Tyler with his PUMPKIN orange shirt was a big help...stealing crackers off the foot table and running like crazy :)
A quick surprise shot of the two artists :)
Cutting snow whites eyes out :) That sounds mean. ha ha ha
A quick pose with mommy!!!
Here is Ella with her Snow White pumpkin!! It looks MUCH better in real life all lit up!


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