Friday, October 15, 2010

Spooktacular Tree

This is my FIRST attempt at a semi-tutorial. So brace yourself!!! Since I did this project TWO years ago I did NOT have a blog then or take I am going to describe the project with the images that I took today...So enjoy

I would also like to say that I do NOT take credit for this project.  Because I did it two years ago I truly can NOT remember where I found it!! Obviously...I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, so it doesn't surprise me that I don't remember!

Here is the final product...A spooky Halloween ornament tree!! 

What you need:
Decorative Canister
Sticks/Twigs from yard
Black Spray paint (optional)
Halloween stickers
Halloween ribbon
  • I started out by collecting the sticks for my "tree."  I tried to pick out some SPOOKY ones, and then spray painted them black!!!

  • I then assembled my ornaments.  I used Halloween stickers to decorate them and tied the ribbon on the ornaments

  • Inside my canister I placed a foam rectangle and shoved the sticks in. 
  • I then covered up the foam with some straw!!!
  •  Time to hang your ornaments on the TREE!!!

 Have your kiddos help!! A very FUN and easy Halloween project!!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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