Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ella has been doing the CUTEST thing lately. As soon as we walk in the door to pick her up at daycare she runs over and says, "I missed you so much today, Mommy/Daddy." I thought my heart was going to melt. Ella has been so flexible when it comes to daycare and bouncing around wherever we go. We go up to St. Louis a lot to visit family and never throws a fit about needing to sleep in her own bed or not getting the things from her usual routine. I am truly so lucky when it comes to that. There is nothing harder than a child who is so stuck in a routine and then trying to take them out of it.
We just booked a trip to Michigan for the Michigan vs. Ohio State football game this fall. It will be my first trip leaving Tyler and I must say I am a little traumatized already and the trip is still 2 months away. So sad to leave a 5 month old!!!!! I know Ella will do great. She loves Mimo and Grandpa...and hopefully she will get to visit her favorite cousins while she is in town too! But, I am sure leaving Tyler will break my heart! Which you would think it would be nice to get away and sleep in and not have any worries...but moms are not built like that. :) At least I am not. I am sure once I get up there it will be relaxing, but pulling out of that driveway...the tears will be flowing...kind of like the first day back at work. Oh well, that is just one of the hardest parts of being a mom...and I love EVERY second of it!!

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