Thursday, September 17, 2009

What is wrong with kids today???

So, because this is my first week back at school, I must say that I am SHOCKED to see what kids are like these days. Last year I worked 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, and this year I have been stuck with Kindergarten, 1st and 3rd and I am RAGING!!! I LOVED the kids I taught last year. They loved coming to P.E. and they could listen and follow directions. This year I want to shoot myself because I am surrounded with kids who literally have NO ability to listen or follow directions. I mean is asking the kids to "sit on the bottom step" really too much to expect from 5 year olds? I had kids on the top 4 steps...the ground...and 3 of them were still standing while everyone else is sitting. You would think even if they DIDN'T hear the directions themselves they could at least figure it out by watching everyone else. Maybe I have too high of expectations. My 2 year old listens better than them.
I find myself watching Supernanny every night in order to get ideas and techniques to help me control the OUT of control kids that are in my classes. They are really just like the psychos that hit and kick at their parents...only I am their teacher, unable to fight back! Things have in no way gotten physical, but I do feel like that is where it is headed with some of these students. I have already set up the "naughty corner" for the kids to go when they don't follow directions. Thanks Jo...Supernanny. They need to have a "Superteacher" show nowadays!!!

Maybe this is what I need...
School Kids Threatened With Tasers? - Mobile Police Mobile County School Board -

More P.E. stories to come...

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