Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am officially a BLOGGER

I am now officially a blogger...not sure how often I will be doing this, but I hope I can do it at least a couple times a week :) I am a busy mom of two and love to spend time with my little munchkins, Ella and Tyler.

I just went back to work after baby #2. I had him June 20th, and since I am a teacher I only had to take 4 weeks of maternity leave which was definitely NOT enough...but really NO time would have been enough. I had to go back, and now we are getting back into a routine. My two year old, Ella, is THRILLED to be back at day care. She loves her provider, "Miss Love." I never worry about her at all during the day! I think she is happier there than at home sometimes because she is OBSESSED with playing with other kids. Good thing she has a brother growing fast for her to play with!! Well, this will be my first post for now. Gonna add some pictures and other fun stuff now. Happy Thursday!

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