Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Friends

Well today I found myself in a major jam...I received a phone call at 5:51am from my childrens' child care provider informing us that her son has a 103 temp and that she thought it would be best if we found another place for Ella and Tyler to go today. So, I finished feeding Tyler at 6:15am and then started on my mission for alternate babysitters. My husband COULD have watched the kids if we absolutely had to...but he works late nights (usually getting home around 3 or 4am) so he would be going on about 2 hrs of sleep for the day, and there were quite a few things he needed to get done today...big "Pimps and Hos Party" tomorrow night. (My husband runs a bar if you are lost) So my good friend Rebekah offered up her services and I can't thank her enough. I don't have any family where we live, and Jimmy's family is I can't say enough about how nice it was to have a true friend step up and be there for us. Normally, I would be so lucky to have one of my fabulous sisters do the deed for me...but since the closest one is 2 hours away, that wasn't going to happen this morning!!
Just makes you think about how important family is...and the people who act like family when they are most needed. So thank you made my day today!!

Oh...and for a school note...I had to drag a student down a handicap ramp by his feet this morning because he refused to leave my class when he was in trouble. Just a little glimpse into what I deal with in this town!!

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