Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We are LOVING this fall weather. Now that it has finally stopped raining for five minutes we can actually get outside and enjoy our Southern Illinois weather. I took this picture yesterday and almost FAINTED when I saw how long Ella's hair is getting. This is not the little girl that was born with JET black fuzzy hair 2 1/2 years ago! No way can she be getting this grown up.
Ella could not be more in love with her little bro Tyler. She always tells mommy that she is "taking care of him." So adorable. I think she likes him MUCH more than she likes me right now. We are at the fun age of "I am gonna challenge mom in everything she says and does." Awful. She tells me that I'm NOT going to get her something to drink and I'm NOT going to hold Tyler. Hopefully this will pass soon.
I am so excited to start on my next adventure...let the CRAFTS begin. I am buying my first sewing machine to start on little projects that I have been wanting so badly to start. I have always loved clothes and thought it would be fun to make clothes for my little muchkins. Sadly, I know that making girl clothes is usually more fun than boy clothes (sorry Tyler) but I will do my best to make cute things for him too. I just may have to get some cute ideas from other moms out there. So, if anyone has any input on a good sewing machine...send it my way. I am flying blind here!

Happy Fall!!

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