Monday, November 16, 2009

Officially CRAFTY

I am officially beginning my adventure as a CRAFTY mom. I have purchased a sewing machine and I am ready for some challenges. Oh wait...challenge #1 was getting my sewing machine to work. I messed with that thing for I think 18 HOURS...STRAIGHT to find out that there was something wrong with it. Many things lead to finding this out.
1. I am an idiot and didn't really READ the labels on the thread when I picked it out. I just grabbed a few spools and threw them in the cart. White, black, blue and so on. Well it was UPHOLSTERY thread!!

Who does that? I was just about ripping my hair out because the machine was getting jammed up over and over again. Well...that is what happens when you try to use upholstery thread in a regular sewing machine! ha ha

2. After I got real thread it was still "bubbling up" underneath my fabric. So, I called EVERYONE that I knew had a sewing machine to ask them what I was possibly doing wrong. I am sorry...the directions were CRYSTAL I didn't think I was an idiot when it came to threading the machine and the bobbin. So, I called in the big guns.

3. Mother in law came over to help. Now, any one that knows me knows that I MUST have been desperate at this point :) hee hee. But, after speaking with her on the phone she told me that I must be doing something wrong and I felt that I was in the RIGHT. So, she came everything herself...did one stitch and she knew there was something wrong with the machine.

THANK GOD it wasn't me!!! However, I did waste about 18 hours of my life messing with that stupid machine. But, I exchanged it and am glad to say the new one is up and running BEAUTIFULLY!! Now the projects await!

Hopefully I will be posting one of my successes soon! Stay tuned!!

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