Thursday, November 19, 2009

WINTER INDOOR (or outdoor) FUN

We all have our area of expertise...Mine may not be sewing, or other crafts. My expertise is in getting kids up and active, and I have a great idea for you and your little ones to keep busy and moving in the long winter months.
Most kids know SOME exercises. If they don't you can teach them some basics...such as push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks. There is the ever important running in place, squats, wall sits, or basic balancing on one foot...if they like dance, plie squats or other dance moves can be turned into exercises. If they are in school ask them what they do at school. The options are endless. Well you can make a FUN easy game out of exercises.
Here is what you do:

You need a large piece of paper or posterboard (you can use regular paper too, but BIG sizes are WAY more fun)
A marker
Exercise Ideas

You want to draw a 6 x 6 set of squares with the #'s 1 thru 6 across the columns and rows.
Then fill out the squares with exercise ideas (don't forget to add a # or amount of time for each activity). You can use the same activities over and over again with different times or numbers! Here is your chance to be creative. If you have very limited space chose activities where the kids can remain close. Maybe you are going to play this game outside or with more room to roam...then you definitely want to add in laps of some sort...everything from walking and skipping to galloping and hopping on ONE foot!! They will enjoy the walking break. Challenge your kiddos. You will be surprised at what they can do!
Now all you do is roll the dice and where the 2 numbers meet...that is your exercise!

And don't forget to join them. This is a great way to keep activity in your home!! As a PE teacher I know that childhood obesity is on the RISE! Stay healthy and active over the Holidays!!

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