Friday, November 13, 2009


I will first start off by saying, "no offense" to anyone who has brothers...I just can't really speak from that point of view since I ONLY have sisters. But, to me, sisters are the GREATEST things on earth. I look back at my childhood and miss it so much. I want to go back in time when we shared a room and cuddled in the same bed.
Maybe it is also because I am a twin, but life could NEVER be the same for me without my sisters. I was thinking today about Ella, and how I will feel so bad as a mom if I can't give her a little sister. Part of me wants to be done having kids. We have 2 amazing munchkins, Ella and Tyler. But the other part of me is DYING for Ella to have a sister. Someone to go through everything we did. Now, again, I know she can do many of these things with a brother...but there is NO comparison to a sister.
And, I am not saying I would be disappointed in another son, but if I could 100% pick out what I was having next, I would be pregnant again in a heartbeat. I just feel like we will DEfINITELY only have 3 kids max, if we have another one, and I desperately want it to be a sister for that wrong? Well, only time will tell. I just know that having sisters has shaped my personality in the same way that I want to help shape Ella's. It helps create a bond between women...not just my sisters. You fully learn to how to accpet women for who they are and to be truly happy for them...almost like you are secretly rooting for them in a good way. We have learned very recently who our TRUE friends are. And we have noticed that the women we get along with best...usually all have great sisters! So thank you to all the SISTERS out there who know how to care for and take care of all their girls!!!
These pictures are from Adie(far left)'s bachelorette party! We had such a blast at our Murder Mystery Dinner theater. I was jealous of all you wine drinkers since I was about 3 months preggo!!! But, another great night to add to our memories as sisters!! Love you girls. Can't wait to move back to STL to be with you guys again. :) Whenever that will be!!!!!


  1. So true Hales! I love having three sisters and would be so different if I didn't have you all. Love this post! And you!

  2. Great post! HOORAY for sisters!!! I have 2 sisters & they mean the WORLD to me! When I was preggo with Claire (our 2nd) we didnt find out what we were having. A boy would have been fun since I never had a brother, but I was secretly hoping for a girl so Kate would have a sister!