Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Envy...

So after following many new bloggers I have accepted the fact that I have MAJOR blog envy. I love to read other people's blogs and they always seem to have such important things to write about and to share with people. I most definitely feel like my blogs are BORING and nothing more than informative to my family as to what is going on with my life. I just LOVE to find inspiration in what so many of you out there are doing and sharing with your family and friends. I have found myself very inspired to be a better mother and to try and find more hobbies for myself. I know for a fact I BETTER be getting a sewing machine for Christmas...however I find myself not wanting to even wait that long. I want to start on so many projects already. After seeing the cute t-shirt dress that Marta made for Mia from lilblueboo and to see the cute flower headbands that JoysHope makes it really inspires me to find something creative that I can do. It really would be the perfect activity to take up some much needed down time. My hubby works a lot of nights and weekends...and when I don't go home to visit my fab sisters I am the most BORED human ever after my kids go to sleep on Fri and Sat nights :) So, thank you to all of you cute mommies that give me inspiration and more to look forward to :) I hope to make you proud someday soon!!!

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