Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Adie and Haley...
I have been lucky enough to share my birthday with my bestest friend in the WHOLE world for 28 years now. My twin sister, Adie, is the best friend a girl could ask for. We have been inseperable since day one...which makes it sooooooooooooo hard now to live 2 hours away. But, luckily this year our birthday fell on Spring Break...so we made the trip up to STL and spent the weekend with the family!

First day there we celebrated my niece, Sophie's, 4th Birthday with a STELLAR Princess and the Frog themed Party...Being the twins that we are, Adie and I bought the SAME outfit for our sons to wear (without talking about it) ha ha...Here are the boys playing downstairs at Marta's house...

Sophie's Party was soooooooo much fun...even though I had the world's CRABBIEST daughter due to NO nap on the way up there...it was still a great time.

On our actual birthday we spent the day at the ZOO! Ella and Tyler had a GREAT time. Here is Ella and Daddy checking out the Elephants...even more impressive were the MASSIVE piles of elephant doo doo that Ella was DYING laughing at!
Ella examining the animals. She was so into it! So cute...
Ella and mommy posing in front of the fishies!!!
A stroller smooch...to finish off the day. What a GREAT day at the Zoo.
After the Zoo trip we had a fantastic dinner with our family at Brickhouse in Wildwood. It was soooo yummy and a great time. Thanks to all that joined us!


  1. I always wanted twin girls growing up. I think it would so neat to have a twin, you are so lucky!!! Happy Birthday, glad you guys had a fun day!

  2. Aw. So sweet! Happy Belated! I live way too far from my siblings, too. It's hard, esp now w/ kids.