Thursday, March 11, 2010

TWINS...and I don't mean ME

So I was snapping a few pictures of Tyler the other day in the BATH and DeJaVu totally popped into my head. I have taken this picture before. So, I ran into the hallway to grab THIS picture down from the wall...
It was then that I was STUNNED as to HOW much my kiddos look a like. The picture above is Ella at about 9 months! The picture below is Tyler at 8.5 months...
Can you say TWINS????!!! Its hilarious because when you see them now they don't seem to look that much alike...but as far as when they were little...definitely TWINS! So cute.

I have also had ANOTHER person tell me that little Tyler looks like my dad!! I will have to post a baby pic of my dad and see what we think! I love this age of kiddos :)

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